Each client has specific requirements in regards to the services that they expect from their supplier. Therefore, Triwin offers flexibility by way of our: Agent Service, Buying Office and QC and QA Services.

Agent service

In our Agent Service model, we offer a flat fee (% based on purchasing turnover.) Our team will manage all expenses and facility costs, typical of a normal trading platform. Value added here will be in product expertise, price negotiation, and payment terms.

Buying Office

The Buying Office model provides our clients with the most flexible, cost-effective, low-risk solution. Aimed at mid-market wholesalers and retailers with a need to manage their supply chains in ASEAN areas, we enable clients to fully control their supply chains at source. Simply put, clients can benefit immediately from the establishing of an operational procurement office. Your focus will be on hiring staff and overseeing their seamless purchasing transition, while ours will be on managing a stress free environment for your firm to conduct business as usual. This unique service allows our clients to focus on more secure, value-driven sourcing channels.

QC and QA Service

In addition to the comprehensive services described above, Triwin also offers a QC service – on a shipment by shipment basis – to our clients who are especially concerned with the quality of their order. Our QC experts will complete a detailed, on-site report, sending this to your purchasing team before the goods leave the factory. Due to their work experience with certain product categories, the QC staff will be able to advise your buyers on how to fix the problem and, whether or not to proceed or cancel the order completely.