TRIWIN Inc. is committed to providing value-added services to each and every one of our clients. Regardless of the size of your organization, our team greatly reduces traditional barriers to entry in Low Cost Country manufacturing bases.

Managed by a group of professionals with over fifteen years of experience in the sourcing and procurement industry, Triwin is well-versed in Vietnam’s most competitive product categories. Moreover, we have a strong network of partners in other ASEAN member countries.  Our current client portfolio includes: SMEs, distributors, importers, wholesales and retailers from the US, UK, EU, AUSTRALIA, S KOREA and JAPAN.

Our firm prides itself on being upbeat, being transparent, being customer-focused, and being knowledgeable across many product categories. We seek to minimize costs, maximize quality, and enhance our clients’ sourcing experiences.

We prioritize the sourcing of eco-friendly products, and have particular expertise in this area.